Monday, November 28, 2011

A Summary of Green Business

As I mentioned in the first blog, over the past twenty years scientists have uncovered the effects that our current lifestyles and business practices will have on the Earth’s climate as we move into the future. If businesses and society as a whole do not decrease reliance on fossil fuels the negative effects produced by climate change will lead to a multitude of problems the world over. Luckily citizens the world over are beginning to recognize this problem and act accordingly. In response to the need to eliminate carbon emissions and fulfill consumers green wishes business are beginning to focus on becoming more sustainable. Over the course of this blog I have attempted to describe many of the aspects of the emerging green business sector. I have spent time describing different principles that are crucial to the concept of a green business. Furthermore, I have spent many blogs discussing how businesses have emerged from their original organization into sustainable enterprises. I hope that my blog has effectively informed you of the basics of a sustainable business and has informed you of the ways an established business can become sustainable. 

Here are some sources for further information on green business:


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